That the Supreme Court had to issue a direction for the second time to all the States and Union Territories to provide toilet facilities in schools, particularly for girls, is shameful. Are toilets not basic amenities which are to be provided along with classroom facilities? The government collects an educational cess from every taxpayer. What have successive governments done for 60 years?

S. Suryanarayanan, Chennai

The court direction will go a long way in bringing down the dropout rate. Nevertheless, it will be a great challenge for the governments to implement the order.

S. Ramakrishnasayee, Ranipet

It is all right for the Supreme Court to order the construction of toilets within a certain period by the State governments. Let us assume that the governments do this on a war footing and get the toilets ready in six months. But ours is a country in which some sections are expected to do the cleaning job. Our people, especially the so-called caste Hindus, feel it is below their dignity to clean up the mess they have made. The only way this trend can be reversed is to ban the employment of the SCs and the STs in such jobs. One person should be posted at the toilets. He/she should ensure the proper use of toilets. Sufficient water supply should also be ensured.

J. Prabhakar, Visakhapatnam

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