This refers to the killing of an Indian fisherman, allegedly by the Sri Lankan Navy, on Wednesday. The attacks on Tamil Nadu fishermen every now and then continue unabated on the pretext of their straying beyond Indian territorial waters. New Delhi should exert maximum pressure on Colombo to agree for a fail-safe mechanism to save precious lives. An arrangement to warn straying fisherman can be made, if one is already not in existence. Perhaps a close coordination between the naval authorities of both countries and joint patrolling can help.

R. Sampath,


Such killings, not too infrequent, raise disturbing questions. That the Indian patrol vessels do not come to the rescue of our fishermen is unfortunate and defies comprehension. The Centre should take up this burning issue with Colombo and work out a durable solution for the safety and security of Indian fishermen.

P.K. Varadarajan,


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