Narendra Modi may be an able administrator and a good orator. But he lacks the basic qualities that a leader who wants to lead a nation should possess. Even if he had no direct role to play in the Gujarat riots, as he claims, he should express regret because he was the Chief Minister when the riots took place.

Let alone regretting, he even refuses to answer questions on the topic. He walked out of a television interview when he was asked questions on the 2002 riots. This attitude certainly does not behove an aspiring ‘national’ leader.

K.V. Ravindran,


I do not understand the hue and cry over Mr. Modi’s sermon on the 2002 massacre. It is well known that behind the mask of “Vikas Purush” — given to him by his friends in the corporate world and friendly media houses — there lies a hardcore sangh pracharak.

Tariq Kidwai,


Instead of apologising to the nation for not controlling the 2002 riots, the ‘great’ man whose objective is to become Prime Minister has presented an insensitive analogy of a puppy, telling us how sad he would be if it came under the wheels of car in which he is seated. How can outrage against this be brushed aside as misinterpretation?

Kasim Sait,


It is unfortunate that Mr. Modi has equated Muslims massacred in the Gujarat pogrom to a puppy crushed in a car accident. Of course, nothing better could be expected from one who has no remorse for the 2002 genocide.

It is a tragedy that the BJP which appeared to have a good chance of capturing power in 2014 has made Mr. Modi its election campaign chief.

Tharcius S. Fernando,


Mr. Modi’s recent statement that he had no guilty feelings about the Gujarat riots is yet another blow to the already wounded Muslim community. As a strong contender for Prime Minister, he should change his compelling attitude of aggression.

S.A. Thameemul Ansari,


Communal forces should have no place in a secular nation like ours. They have the potential of destroying the socio-economic fabric of society.

A political leader who wishes to be the Prime Minister should learn to respect the country’s diversity.

Punya Jyoti Boruah,

New Delhi

Mr. Modi just gave an example. But his opponents have linked his “puppy” comment to the minorities.

It is not the BJP but the Congress and the JD(U) that are playing divisive politics.

Vishnu S. Nair,


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