The controversy over the move to “promote” Hindi in social media is in essence needless and a non-issue. Learning and mastering a new language expands one’s knowledge base and makes a language learner more competitive in both professional and personal life. When one goes to North India even as a tourist, the need to be proficient in Hindi becomes clear. Whether the government promotes Hindi or not, it is in one’s own interest to learn the language leave alone other languages. Politicising the issue only shows our narrow-minded thinking and a lack of foresight.

K.M.G. Vivekanandam,


Any attempt to impose Hindi is unwarranted, ill-timed and unnecessary. Ever since the BJP came to power, one has noticed the slow creeping in of Hindi in almost every forum with the least consideration for the inability of non-Hindi speaking people to understand what is being said. There is no attempt at translation. If this trend continues, India’s linguistic harmony will be disrupted. Does the Prime Minister want to be known as the PM of India or as the PM from North India?

Rameeza A. Rasheed,


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