Thanks to The Hindu for publishing extracts from the editorial dated April 18, 1912 along with the image of the Titanic to mark the centenary of the most famous maritime disaster. No other ship has captured the world's attention quite like the Titanic. The tragedy reminds me of the following lines from the poem, The White Ship, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti: “And now the end came o'er the waters' womb, Like the last great Day that's yet to come. With prayers in vain and curses in vain, The White Ship sundered on the mid-main: And what were men and what was a ship, Were toys and splinters in the sea's grip.”

A.S. Farida,


The reports on the sinking of the Titanic 100 years ago from The Hindu were truly special and enlivened our Sunday morning. The reproduction of the survivors' accounts and the editorial made the disaster, termed one of the worst in the world, come alive again. I have preserved the issue as a souvenir.

N.J. Ravi Chander,



When the Titanic SankApril 15, 2012

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