The feuding parties in Syria have essentially the same motives, albeit in different garbs (“India’s Syria venture”, Jan. 28). The U.S. support to hardcore Islamists in Syria and Egypt is deplorable and likely to further dent its already-battered global image. On the other hand, Bashar al-Assad’s regime was utterly anti-democratic and posed a threat to the region with its huge cache of chemical and biological weapons. India does not have any business interests in Syria. It must not be dragged into the conflict, as those who have a personal agenda in the battle are likely to use India for their personal gains. India should not succumb to the pressure from Russia and the U.S.

Vijesh Ahuja, Ghaziabad

The impact of the Syrian civil war cannot be confined to the country’s own boundaries. The more it prolongs, the more likely it is to draw every country of consequence in the wider region. India, though a crucial member of BRICS, has limited itself to occasional expression of disapproval of the developments despite being aware of the economic and strategic significance of Syria. The Syrian situation presents India with a ripe opportunity to mount a campaign of non-alignment with Russia and China. The latter pair has been coordinating their stance given their converging interests in the region. India must make the transition from its U.S.-centric policy to one of global engagement.

Md. Adil Ashraf, Gaya, Bihar

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