The article “Finally, the will for the right ban” (Aug. 31) on a total ban on child labour is very positive. While I agree that it is difficult to see children work in industries, I wonder how their families will live without sending them to work. The government should enforce improved working conditions, higher wages and the RTE Act instead of imposing a total ban on child labour. A law with well thought-out specifications on the type of jobs children can do, with measures to protect them from exploitation, would be a better option.

A. Vishnu,


The proposed law will create more problems than it intends to cure. It should not ignore the cases of orphans and families in which children are the sole breadwinners. For some children, the law will spell doom because they will be thrown out of their jobs and will not find any future in education either. Before implementing the law, the government should initiate monetary schemes for poor children so that they do not have to work.

Sahil Garg,

New Delhi


Finally, the will for the right banAugust 31, 2012

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