It is a delight to know that the Pritzker Architecture Prize has truly met its objective after a long time (Editorial, April 3). It will motivate innovators who think ahead in the context of human suffering. From an Indian perspective, such innovations are the need of the hour, bearing in mind the conditions prevalent in slums and the overall plight of displaced communities. Periodic open invitations for innovations in the field of human development can change the face of our nation.

Amit Singh,

New Delhi

After coming across pictures of grandiose buildings and of construction and architecture that have no meaning in the lives of the poor, it was interesting to read about solving the real problems of the underprivileged humanity by constructing socially relevant housing taking centre stage. It takes a lot personally to eschew professional ego, reflected through expensive and grandiosely designed buildings, rather than work toward ensuring public good.

Mritunjay Kumar,



Public purpose of architectureApril 3, 2014

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