The attack on Malala Yousafzai in Mingora by the Taliban at last shocked Pakistan which is not easily shocked (“In denial over Malala,” Oct. 17). Children, adults, political parties and even the army have been stunned by the Taliban’s insane act. More shocking is the reported threat by the outfit that it will shoot the 14-year-old again if she survives.

It is time political parties, the Pakistan government and the all-powerful army closed ranks to fight the Taliban’s medieval ways. But this cannot be done till the Pakistan army continues to treat the Taliban as an ally and a military asset in confronting India.

Motupalli S. Prasad,


Pakistan was created on the basis of religion. And this necessitates that it follow a no-tolerance policy towards other religions, and ideas that are not in conformity with the religion it is based on. The rise of militant, extreme positions is inevitable in such situations. Any dilution of the hard line will mean a movement towards liberal democracy and the end of the country. The ‘slanging contest’ between ‘us and them’ is thus understandable.

Balaji Kartha


The attack on Malala has raised an alarm across the world over the manner in which girls and women who assert their fundamental rights are treated in Pakistan. It demonstrated the impunity with which the Taliban can strike in the country. This should make those Kashmiri sections that are for the State becoming part of Pakistan think again.

Md. Ahmed Shafi,


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