Sachin Tendulkar’s impending retirement from cricket is heart-rending. The maestro must open cricket academies in areas where there is abundant cricketing talent but which lack facilities. I am sure such a move will see the emergence of more Sachins in the days to come.



I remember an evening in 2010 when I was strolling around nervously, listening to the radio commentary on Sachin’s innings against Australia in Hyderabad. The highest score by the rest of the Indian team added up to just 63 after Sachin’s mammoth 175. In Pakistan, in 2004, the second highest score after his 141 was a mere 36. This is Sachin's magic, which can be only a dream now.

Thank you for being there, Sachin. Every good innings of yours has inspired lakhs of people, with an M.S. Dhoni, a Virat Kohli and a Bhuvanesh Kumar in them.

Finally, I want to say that you have not just entertained us with your bat but taught us a lot — to be humble, ethical and successful. You have taught us to bounce back. Finally, as you bid us farewell, you have taught us to end things with elegance.

Surya Abhishek,


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