The genesis of the formation of Israel was the horrendous massacre of nearly six million people of the Jewish faith in concentration camps during the Second World War. Such a targeted massacre was unprecedented. By failing to point out this central fact, the article, “The endless calamity in West Asia” (April 3), ended up in large part as being a tirade against Israel and its supporters. Given the weight of the past, the right of Israel to exist has to be recognised unequivocally by the Arabs. On its part, Israel needs to create a viable two-state solution where peace, freedom and security for all are guaranteed.

K. Anand,


India’s engagement with Israel, especially in defence cooperation, does not in any way dilute its commitment to the cause of the Palestinians. Viewing this engagement in the logic of a “zero-sum game” would be erroneous. India’s pragmatic policy of engagement has enabled it to get the latest in state-of-the-art weaponry and other high-tech interventions in agriculture. The boycott or isolation of Israel might not be a sound or plausible strategy in today’s globalised world. India needs to work on Israel slowly to ensure that the dreams of the Palestinians are realised.

Amritpal Singh,

New Delhi


The endless calamity in West AsiaApril 3, 2014

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