The replacement of the collegium system by the proposed Judicial Appointments Commission will not result in much until transparency and accountability become the keywords (editorial page, Aug.27). The solution does not lie in changing the actors involved in the selection procedure but in ensuring that the meritorious and those morally sound are selected.

Sahil Randhawa,


When we already have executive power hovering over judicial investigation, will it be logical to let politicians have a say in selecting judges? In the Coalgate proceedings, one had eminent lawyers allegedly manufacturing facts, a minister tampering with the CBI report and much worse.

There are also stories of judges being politically biased in order to bag benefits after retirement.

Vishwas Shukla,


Justice is not only about the law. For that, judges should be selected by being tested on all scales required to transform the judiciary from being a court of law to a court of justice.

Pavan K. Tiwari,

New Delhi

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