Professor Yehuda Bauer's article “The Holocaust and its implications” (Jan. 27) is one-sided. It has talked about Darfur but failed to mention the plight of Palestinians. Unless the amnesia on Palestine transforms into genuine concern for all marginalised people across the world, things will not change for the better. Intellectuals and thinkers should not be lopsided in their views and should voice their concern for humanity as a whole.

Akbar Ali,


No doubt the Holocaust was gruesome. When the Jews were massacred by the Nazis, other nations did at least something more than being bystanders. That is why they are rich, developed and powerful. They even established a land of their own in the heart of another nation — Palestine — citing biblical evidence, thanks to the help from the U.S. and the U.N. But were the Roma treated in the same manner by other nations? Even recently, the French government threatened them with deportation. And what Israel does to Palestine is unacceptable. It is here that the world is a bystander.

David Lazar,


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