This refers to the report that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati's personal security officer wiped the dust off her sandals in Auraiya district recently (Feb. 9). The officer's act is shameful.

M. Sudha,


The act only reinforces the fact that many bureaucrats, irrespective of their seniority, are willing to do anything to find favour with their political bosses.

Mani Natarajan,


Footwear is back in the news. Earlier it made news when it was thrown at persons of importance. Now we have officers cleaning the sandals of their political masters.

T.R. Ramaswami,


The PSO's act was demeaning, disgraceful and inconsistent with democratic values. Why did the Chief Minister, who has risen to the top condemning such demeaning acts and who swears by human dignity, allow it?

It is the moral and legal duty of an elected representative to ensure that no citizen is subjected to an indignity of such a nature.

R.J. Khurana,


The incident is just another example of countless instances of shameless sycophancy. During the Emergency, a Chief Minister held an umbrella for the then “crown prince” of the Congress to protect him from inclement weather. Recently, a senior Cabinet Minister said he would be ready to serve his leader as a “chaprasi.” Why is the Auraiya incident surprising?

Arun Malankar,


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