On his last day on the field, the Little Master provided wholesome entertainment to the thousands who thronged Wankhede. His was an immaculately played innings. While a century in the last Test is not important, it is the flawless manner in which he got the 74 runs that was the hallmark. The greatest aspect of his glittering career is the amazing fact that there has been no controversy on and off the field. While Sachin has expressed the view that it is difficult to imagine a life without playing cricket, it is hard to imagine a game of cricket without his towering presence.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,


I am neither a diehard Sachin Tendulkar fan nor an intense follower of cricket. But all of a sudden, I felt sad when I read about the Master’s last match. Millions have been immensely inspired by his humility, courage and power.

Prashant Katiyar,


The story of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is also about an issue in India — of many living their own unrealised dreams and desires through their children. Without becoming aware of the natural flair and inclination their child has, parents push him or her into doing things they don’t want to while expecting returns like investing in the stock market. Fortunately for us, Tendulkar’s brother, and later his coach, spotted and nurtured his unique talent at the right time.

T.S. Karthik,


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