Close on the heels of Defence Minister A.K. Antony's expression of concern at the nation's security, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has reiterated that the threat of terror strikes persists. The government should take serious action to check terrorism and the internal threat posed by Maoists. Terror has no form, colour, or religion and does not discriminate. India should remain alert and vigil at this hour of external and internal unrest.

Bhavesh Kumar Tapua, Bhagalpur

The largest-ever migration and the communal riots that followed Partition marked the beginning of India-Pakistan relations. They have remained hostile ever since. Dr. Singh's caution that there are intelligence reports of an imminent attack reinforces the fact that the two countries cannot coexist in peace. The political unrest in Pakistan poses a threat to democracy in India. We can only hope that no more terror strikes will take place as we are yet to recover from the Mumbai attack.

D. Joji Babu, Vijayawada

It is evident from the spate of terrorist attacks in Pakistan - almost a daily occurrence - that its government has lost control and is in no position to stop terrorism from spilling over to India. We cannot prevent another 26/11-like attack unless our internal security agencies work 24x7 to check the movement of terrorists and curb their efforts to mobilise action in crowded places. There must be continuous exchange of intelligence reports between the Centre and the States, and among the States. People should be educated through the media. They should be asked to report any act of suspicion or movement of strangers.

K.R. Anandagopalan, Bangalore

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