The world will soon be bidding farewell to the Kohinoor diamond of Indian cricket — Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. His contribution to cricket is laudable. He has brought cheer to millions of Indians and emerged as a youth icon without any scandal. But this is also the time for him to give back to society the love and affection he has received from millions. He can turn philanthropist and work to uplift the downtrodden. As a Member of Parliament, he has an added responsibility to participate in legislative discussions and throw light on the issues of the country.

Kosigi Ramamurthy,


For a chess buff like me, The Hindu’s coverage of the World Chess Championship is a true delight.

Satish Kumar Maloth,


This week, two of our sporting icons and role models are in the limelight. I remember the time when I used to comfort my son years ago when he would get depressed on facing setbacks. My line to him used to be: “Even Sachin does not score hundred in every innings.”

Gp. Capt J.R. Arunachalam (retd.),


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