Politicians and others leading the agitation for Telangana are making people believe that a separate State is a panacea for all the ills of the region. This is nothing but misinformation. The self-styled leaders of the agitation should stop calling youngsters who have committed suicide martyrs. People from the region should pressure their political representatives to address their genuine problems, not to resign. They must realise that unless the situation in Andhra Pradesh returns to normality, nothing can be done. The issue needs to be resolved peacefully.

A. Vasu Kishore Reddy,


Many small States have been created over the years. But the percentage of people below the poverty line living in all States, big or small, continues to remain almost the same. Only the percentage of millionaires has grown across the States.

This only shows that the poor will fare no better in a smaller State. It is the microscopic minority consisting of contractors, realtors and political bigwigs that will reap the benefits made available for the welfare of the newly-formed State.

C. Asokan,


The agitation for a separate Telangana is being forced on the people. It is the political parties that are responsible for the backwardness of a region in a State. Telangana is no exception. All parties used the issue for their own interests. Now they are inflaming passions, in the name of self-respect to force the Centre to yield to their pressure. Instead of promoting enmity, leaders of all regions in Andhra Pradesh should prepare and present before the people a road map for development within the State or in an independent State.

A.S. Krishna Rao,


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