It is painful for all right-thinking people in Andhra Pradesh to remain mute spectators to the state of affairs, especially the spate of suicides by youngsters, over the contentious Telangana issue. Politicians play with the emotions of the young, which is unfortunate. Of what concern was a separate State of Telangana to Venugopal Reddy, the MCA student who killed himself recently? Did the issue affect him to the extent of forcing him to take away his life?

All those fighting for a separate State of Telangana or a unified Andhra Pradesh should understand that the Centre cannot be pressured through coercive tactics. Issues involving millions of people can be decided upon only in a peaceful environment through deliberations and discussions. It is time the enlightened and intellectual cream of society, and professors in the forefront of the agitation understood this.

V.V. Hari Prasad,


In order to maintain the tempo of the Telangana movement, students and politicians have started resorting to desperate tactics. Anti-social elements have crept into the movement. It is unfortunate that students have been dragged into it in large numbers. Not a single politician seems to have been affected. It is the ordinary people who are suffering due to the prolonged agitation. The media are divided and they are doing their best to divide the Telugu people.

S. Arja,

New Delhi

Andhra Pradesh is in a state of turmoil because of agitations in all three regions — coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana. The imposition of President’s Rule alone can restore peace and amity in the State. The backward areas of all three regions should be identified by a committee appointed by the Centre and suitable packages evolved.

A. Satyanarayana,


The creation of small States will lead to better administration. A small State can achieve better overall development, provide ample opportunities to local entrepreneurs and create a win-win situation for all.

The ongoing crisis in Andhra Pradesh shows that language cannot keep people united. When we can have nine Hindi-speaking States, why can’t we have two or three States in which people speak Telugu?

Vanaparthy Thirumal Rao,

Mahabub Nagar

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