We are witnessing a huge internal strife in Andhra Pradesh, with one region clamouring for statehood and the other regions pitching for a unified State.

While those demanding a separate state justify it as their long-pending demand, the movement for a united Andhra Pradesh burst out with high intensity and force as soon as the Centre announced that the process of forming a separate State of Telangana would be set in motion. The struggle for unified Andhra Pradesh caught the leading political parties, which all along played on the separate statehood sentiment without attaching much significance to it, unprepared. What is significant is the large-scale participation of students and ordinary people in both campaigns.

N.V.K. Mahalakshmi, Visakhapatnam

It is unfair to lay all the blame at the doorstep of the Congress, the TDP and the PRP for the unrest in Andhra Pradesh. The people of the State and the three major political parties are equally surprised at the intensity of the agitation for a unified State. The Congress was wrong in thinking that the announcement of a separate State would be generally acceptable to people. Assuming that the bifurcation of the State was a historical necessity, the TDP and the PRP hoped to reap rich dividends in the 2009 Assembly elections and supported it. When K. Chandrasekhara Rao went on a hunger strike, the Congress panicked. The mess in the State can be cleared only by listening to saner elements.

Bifurcation can be kept on hold till tempers cool down in all regions.

G.N. Rao, Hyderabad

Despite the tensions in Andhra Pradesh, neither UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi nor Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have made a statement. What we see is ineptitude and inefficiency on the part of the Central and State governments which are desperately hoping that the issue will just disappear.

The State government should be dismissed and a road map drawn to initiate the process of the formation of Telangana without harming the interests of the people of the Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.

K.V. Rajasekhar, Neyveli

One wonders why the leaders of coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema, who were silent when KCR went on a fast, are now agitating for a unified Andhra Pradesh. They should have expressed their reservations when the TRS leader launched the latest round of agitation. The Centre would have taken a balanced decision. Their campaign for a united Andhra Pradesh is driven by their economic interests in Hyderabad. If Hyderabad is offered to them, they will give up their demand for a unified State.

G. Ravi, Nalgonda

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