The Centre has made a serious mistake by not identifying the Maoist factor behind the Telangana agitation. It is an open secret that the ultras want to regain their erstwhile stronghold. The power vacuum created by Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy’s death has emboldened them to use the Telangana Rashtra Samithi and the student community to intensify their agitation. The theory of popular Telangana sentiment, floated by unemployed politicians, has no relevance — a fact demonstrated by the people’s verdict in the recent general election.

Sharada Poldoss,


The demand for a separate State of Telangana on the ground that the region has been left out of the development process is baseless. We elect our representatives to voice our concerns on the floor of the House. After failing to do a proper job, do they have the right to demand a separate state?

A. Lalitha,


The Congress has messed up the Telangana issue by announcing the process of forming a separate State without taking its own party MLAs and MPs of Andhra Pradesh into confidence. It is a historic blunder. Elections should be conducted again in the region. The decision on a separate state can be taken on the basis of the outcome. The Congress should declare that it has an open mind on the issue and leave the final decision to the people.

D. Subramaniam,


Why do we fail to learn from history? Why don’t we understand that too many small states create disunity? Creation of small states will weaken the Centre and go against the spirit of the Constitution. Would it not be better if we worked for the eradication of hunger and poverty, and for making universal education a reality?

Solung Khya Sonam,


Reports of violence and tensions between the pro- and anti-Telangana forces in Andhra Pradesh are disturbing. When we cannot tolerate our own fellow citizens, how can we expect people of other countries to tolerate us? We raise a hue and cry when an Indian is attacked in a foreign country, but we indulge in much the same behaviour towards our own people.

G.S.L.J. Phaneendra Rao,


The people of Telangana have been struggling to overcome the domination of other regions for 60 years. Jawaharlal Nehru said at the time of the formation of Andhra Pradesh that the people of Telangana can separate from Andhra and Rayalaseema whenever they desire.

The Centre has already announced its decision to create a separate State. The ruckus, including the resignation of MLAs and MPs, is a gimmick aimed at diverting the Centre’s attention.

Sreenivas Bitla,


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