It is indeed disturbing to see the manner in which the UPA government is seeking to carve out a separate state of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh. The advice of State leaders to desist from bifurcation has been ignored and leaders who were vocal in opposing the move have been silenced with ministerial berths. Possible electoral gains, or minimal losses in Andhra Pradesh, are being cited to justify the step. While inner-party democracy may be safe in the Congress due to this decision, the sad reality is that parliamentary democracy has been reduced to a mockery.

Anand Mohan,


Huge public money was invested in the Justice Srikrishna Committee which came out with a report containing an astounding wealth of information on Andhra Pradesh in the context of the Telangana issue. I wonder how many at the helm have read the report.

Poor Seemandhra people — they had to forego Madras in 1953 because they asked for a separate State of Andhra Pradesh, and may now have to forego Hyderabad not because they asked for a separate state but because Hyderabad is geographically located in Telangana. This despite having a significant numerical presence and making immense economic contribution to the city, which has grown at the expense of development of other towns in their region!

Ch. Srikrishna Appaji,


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