The UPA government’s decision to delay the decision on the Telangana issue — the deadline set by the Union Home Minister to resolve it expired on Sunday — is unexpected and unfortunate. The Centre should realise that a decision delayed is a decision denied. It is clear that it will declare its position before the 2014 general election and use it to woo the voters.

The Centre should arrive at a rational decision immediately. Only then can an amicable solution to the long standing problems of the people of the Telangana region be found.

Mahesh M. Bhakthan,


The need of the hour is a change in Andhra Pradesh’s political leadership, which has so far proved to be inefficient in maintaining peace in the Telangana region. Keeping the State united is the best solution. Division of the State, in a country which is already facing huge problems such as population explosion, illiteracy, unemployment, and agrarian crisis, cannot be a fruitful solution. We already have enough States; further divisions are not advisable. All matters can be resolved through talks. There is no need for any group to become aggressive and disturb the peace of the whole nation.

Amit Verma,


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