This refers to the report that a student of Class 12 attempted to set himself ablaze outside Osmania University to press for the creation of a separate State of Telangana. The student has not only brought grief upon his dear and near but also failed to do what is expected of him — concentrate on studies.

K.V. Seetharamaiah,


Students of Osmania University should concentrate on their studies, rather than on issues such as Telangana which help only politicians. They should realise that a separate State will not solve their problems. When ordinary people of the region have understood that their plight will remain the same with or without Telangana, why should students waste their precious time? It is their studies, not a Telangana State, which will help them build a bright future.

V.S. Ganeshan,


Many political leaders advocating a separate State of Telangana have been in power for many years. When they were in power, they did not demand a separate State. Some of them were even Cabinet Ministers in the Central government. They did not bring about industrial growth in their constituencies. They did not get any new irrigation projects for the region. They did not fight for new trains. All of a sudden, they have raised the slogan of a separate Telangana claiming that it has been neglected over the years. Are not the leaders of the region responsible for the situation?

Can the leaders spearheading the Telangana movement bring back the lives of those who died in the last two months? The leaders and their families are safe. Only innocent students and poor people have fallen victim to the violence.

B. Deva Vara Prasad,


In his letter published on February 17, Anil Ekbote has stated that the Telangana region has been cheated, duped and exploited by the people of the other two regions. This is far from the truth. Politicians of Telangana have brainwashed the minds of gullible people and students by using the fallacious argument. The myth has been perpetrated by debates and discussions on Telugu television news channels. They pit articulate Telangana politicians against the not-so-well-informed ones from the Andhra region, who cannot rebut the hollow argument.

An objective analysis of data on development indicators, be it the acreage brought under irrigation or education and health, will show that Telangana has received more than its fair share since the formation of Andhra Pradesh. When Telangana politicians are confronted with the figures, they respond saying the agitation is for ‘self-respect.'

S.T. Rajasundaram,


Continued disturbances in Telangana point to the aspirations of the people of the region. The bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh will lead to administrative convenience. A population of 10 crore is too big for an administration to handle. The demand for a separate State has arisen because of the disparities in growth and the continued domination of a few people belonging to one region.

The declaration of a separate State with focussed discussions will be more fruitful than waiting for a committee to elicit opinions from different sections. A time-bound process for the creation of Telangana will also subside the fire raging in the State.

G.L.N. Murthy,


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