That a learned man like Sanjaya Baru should treat the demerger of Telangana in such superficial and monochromatic terms of political calculus, glossing over the history and injustices that have been done to Telangana over the last 60 years, is unfortunate (“Bird in hand, now two in the bush,” Oct. 16).

This is yet another instance of intellectuals writing against the aspirations of the people of Telangana. There has been a systematic denigration of the Telangana region by Seemandhra politicians but it has not been covered by the media. We hope that at least after the new State comes into existence, we will not have to listen to pathetic jeremiads.

Vishweshwer Mangalapalli,


The Congress might have decided to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh for political reasons but it does not matter to the people of Telangana. The State had to be divided at one time or the other, irrespective of the party in power at the Centre, because people in the Telangana region have been fighting for a separate State for 60 years. The Congress may not come to the power for a third successive time but people will remember that statehood was granted to Telangana when the party was in power.

Jeeguru Aditya,


The Congress promised a separate State to the people of Telangana in 2004. YSR was part of it. That he opposed it later is another matter. As for scoring political points, a political party aims at reaping benefits. The decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh is not against the Constitution, which provides for the creation of new States.

Gotham Sirasani,


The decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh not only undermines the trust of Telugus in the Congress but also betrays the mandate given to it. It is most unfortunate that a historic decision of this magnitude has been taken by the party with disdain for the people who have stood behind it for years.

V. Krishnamohan,


The article has passionately exposed the fraud committed by the Congress leadership on Telugus, with the tacit connivance of MPs from Andhra Pradesh.

Hemasagar Poldoss,


The Congress is bound to be routed in Seemandhra in the coming elections. Although Andhra Pradesh was instrumental in the formation of UPA 1 and 2, the people of the State have always received a secondary treatment in the allocation of projects, especially in the railway budget. By deciding to bifurcate the State, the Congress has alienated itself further and indeed lost the trust people reposed in it in 2004 and 2009.

S. Gopal,


Even after the division, the Congress may not gain much in Telangana. It will be a total washout for the party in Seemandhra. Both the YSRC and the TRS have been at loggerheads with the Congress for quite some time.



The writer has aptly quoted from Kanyasulkam. The division of a State should be based on administrative reasons, regional development and future survivability, not sentiments.

The Congress should not take a call on the division without consulting experts on economy, security and development and, of course, other political parties.

Makireddi Sai,


The Srikrishna Committee report should have been widely discussed, debated and understood. Effective strategies should have been evolved for the development of the underdeveloped regions in Andhra Pradesh.

Unless the political system and bureaucracy are clean, accountable and professional and revive good old values, people will never get their due share of development, whether they are in a small or big State.

B.H. Sridhar,


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