It is ironic that Tarun Tejpal, master of the sting operation, has now been badly stung by a scandal. The world over, there are numerous instances of men in high places who have met their Waterloo in similar circumstances. Unless the divide between the law and its enforcement is bridged, such events, where there is a threat posed to women, will continue to haunt society.

B. Gurumurthy,


There seems to be an unfair tendency to totally condemn the accused person (more so if he is an icon) as a reprehensible predator or an embodiment of unmitigated evil.

From our Indian epics to Shakespearean heroes, down to great men in modern times, there are numerous examples of people with high achievements committing ignoble deeds. Crime is thus a personal failure. Of course, the law must and will run its course, and the wrong-doer must receive punishment. Prejudging a person, especially a trial by the media, and demonising him or her should be avoided.

A.N. Lakshmanan,


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