Now that Hosni Mubarak has stepped down, the million dollar question is about establishing a democracy in Egypt. Millions gathered at the Tahrir Square in Cairo without any organised political leadership and toppled the dictatorship. Thanks to them, all dictatorial regimes across Asia and Africa are having nightmares. But it is also true that all interested sections, including the U.S., will try their best to form a government, which may not necessarily be democratic, in Egypt. Let us hope for the best.

Banabir Bhattacharya, Jalpaiguri

After an 18-day revolutionary upsurge came the moment of celebration and accomplishment. Mr. Mubarak agreed to step down. All credit goes to the Egyptian youth who used their social networking and the media fully. But the Egyptians have only crossed the first stage. They need a leader who can take them towards a true democracy and some help from the world community. Signs of revolution have appeared in Algeria and Yemen. This trend will not stop until there is a historical transformation of the entire Arab world. Let us be part of history.

Ahsan Javed, New Delhi

The struggle is not yet over. The Egyptians have to channel their energies in the right direction to eradicate corruption and injustice.

Rashmi Chauhan, Lucknow

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