The findings of Ahmedabad Metropolitan Magistrate S.P. Tamang are indeed disturbing. Apart from being a blot to the khaki-clad men, they have dealt a big blow on the secular fabric of our polity. The unfortunate deed cannot be undone now, but Ishrat’s mother and her family must be assured that the entire country is firmly with them.

Lokeshkumar Jangid,

New Delhi


The politics of blame game between the Gujarat government and the Central intelligence agencies does not improve matters. The magisterial verdict that the killings of Ishrat Jehan and three others had been a “fake encounter” must be taken seriously. Rights violation by police is a blot and reflects badly on the country’s image.




Encounter killing cocks a snook at the judiciary. In fact, the contagion has caught on and thrives because there appears to be a tacit approval by the higher-ups in the police to this form of dealing summary justice. Some even secretly admire such killings for they help to get rid of known criminals. In the instant case, however, investigation points the finger of suspicion to the political establishment. A multi-dimensional approach is required if the scourge of encounter killings is to be eliminated.

H.R. Bapu Satyanarayana,



Almost every encounter in the country is fake and the difference in this case is that someone believed to be innocent fell victim to police bullets, along with LeT operatives. It is strange that nobody has explained how Ishrat Jehan and Javed Sheikh were found in the company of Amjad Ali Rana, and Zeeshan Jauhar, vouched as bona fide Pakistani citizens and known LeT operatives. There is more to the encounter than meets the eye. Till all the facts are out and clarity emerges, blaming the police and the Gujarat government is unfair.

A. Thirugnanasambantham,



The Centre’s contention “we shared inputs about the suspicious movements of some Lashkar operatives” and everything else is of the doing of the State police simply cannot be bought. The latter can ill-afford to ignore a warning about impending attacks, as maintenance of law and order is its prerogative.

Seshagiri Row Karry,



The Gujarat government is justified in questioning Mr. Tamang’s probe report. While inquiring into the incident, the Magistrate has not given a chance to the State government to explain its stand. Besides, he has completely ignored the affidavit filed in 2004 by the Ministry of Home Affairs in which the Union government had endorsed the State government’s contention that Ishrat had links with terrorist outfits in Pakistan and the intelligence reports had confirmed their plans to strike in Gujarat. This report will not stand the scrutiny of a higher court when the case comes up for trial.

Vijay Mohan,


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