In his zeal to advocate the resumption of bilateral talks with Pakistan at any cost, Happymon Jacob (Op-Ed, Aug. 13) has sadly overlooked harsh political realities. It is an undisputed fact that despite the installation of a democratically elected government, the state of affairs in Pakistan is still remote-controlled by the Army.

India has always taken the initiative in extending the olive branch to Pakistan. But anti-Indian sentiments deeply entrenched in the Pakistani military establishment cannot be erased. Better relations are welcome, but only when there is a sincere attempt to do so.

B. Suresh Kumar,


It is heartening that Parliament has spoken in one voice (“Short Takes” — “Parliament rejects Pakistan resolution,” Aug.15) dismissing as “baseless” the charges against the Indian Army. But this is by no means enough to prevent the Pakistani Army from attacking us. We must buttress it by imposing economic sanctions and persuading other developed and developing countries to support our cause.

S. Ramakrishnasayee,


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