There is no doubt that the government's move to reduce the specific absorption rate is a step forward in limiting radiation from mobile phone handsets (“Talk less, text more,” Feb. 7). But ignoring the radiation from mobile towers which are dangerously close to high rise apartments is surprising. One year ago, a television news channel carried a report on the hazards posed by mobile towers. Even though some remedial measures were promised, nothing was done. People living close to the towers could be exposing themselves to several times the radiation caused by handsets.

R. Venkita Giri,


The cell phone, it seems, has shrunk not only the size of the world but also people's lifespan. The excessive use of the device has turned out to be a menace. Although the use of radio wave based mobile phones is inevitable, it is important to prevent children from using them.

Karthika Saran,


It is hard to imagine life without mobile phones. They have become an integral part of our lifestyle. However, it is time we drew a line. They intrude into our personal space and take away our peace of mind, especially at places like temples and academic centres. They are also responsible for many road accidents. It is perhaps time to revive landline phones.

G. Narayana Rao,


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