Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is dismissed in middle class conversations as a namby-pamby (“T20 politics has run its course,” Dec. 12) not because he is mild mannered but because he has stood by, watched and encouraged an economic regime in which politicians and business people have ravaged the country. His unwillingness to make any attempt to ensure transparency in business, politics and economics is extremely disturbing.

George Thomas,


After regretting the loss of decorum in public discourse, Harish Khare does not mind indulging in a bit of the same himself. What else can one make of his observation that “Anna and his gang mesmerised us with their own version of loud-mouthed righteous denunciation.”Sure, Mr. Khare is entitled to his opinion on the ‘carnivals’ staged by the ‘gang.’ But what about the columns and columns of news and edits that appeared in the media about corruption in the UPA government, headed by Dr. Singh? All that the ‘gang’ said was he did not act in time.

N. Patri,

New Delhi

The FDI issue showcased the deplorable levels of our political discourse as personal attacks and political convenience dictated the debate in Parliament, rather than its actual effect on farmers, retailers and employment. The electronic media is obsessed with TRP ratings and politicians resort to eye-catching tactics to take advantage of this obsession. Viewers, too, are responsible for the state of affairs as they have not cared to improve their taste, which is what sustains T20 politics.

Vivek Thakur,

New Delhi


T20 politics has run its courseDecember 12, 2012

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