This refers to the observation by the Chief Justice of India that a swift trial should not be at the cost of a fair trial (Jan. 3). The judiciary should ask itself whether a trial in a rape case that lasts five years, 10 years or 15 years is fair. How are courts in the western countries able to dispose of rape cases in a short period? Are their trials not fair? The conviction rate in rape cases is very low in India. Does it mean rape did not take place in other cases? The saying “justice hurried is justice buried” should not be an excuse to drag cases.

M.P. Yadav,


The Chief Justice’s observation is spot on. A tit-for-tat approach is also a violation of the law. Vigilantism comes in the way of law enforcement. The establishment of fast track courts to try cases of sexual crimes against women is welcome.

Rukhsana Khan,


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