India’s cricket victory in England completes a set of trophies/wins for Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the skipper, who led India to win the World Twenty20 title and the World Cup. Bringing home the Champions Trophy has answered the query why cricket and cricketers get so much more attention than other games. The answer is simple. Winning ways.

J. Akshay,


It’s good to see that India is the new champion and did well despite shameful acts in the IPL.

Akhil Bhushan,


Destiny’s captain can’t be stopped, not by mortals, at least. Dhoni’s hat-trick is complete. The match had, of course, been reduced to a T20 affair and the advantage would normally always have been with Dhoni and his men — having come off the IPL, after all. Come to think of it, the IPL does have pluses!

J. Akshobhya,


It was a sensational victory for Team India against formidable England. Consistent, all-round performance by all our players especially Shikhar Dhiwan and Ravindra Jadeja, under the able leadership of M.S. Dhoni, enabled our team to win.

V. Sethuraman,



Redeeming the promiseJune 25, 2013

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