The Supreme Court’s observation that the CBI has “many masters” is something the public has always believed. Now it is officially known, thanks to Ranjit Sinha’s affidavit. The CBI Director has served the public well, albeit under compulsion, by revealing the sordid goings-on in the Coalgate scam. What a fall in our democratic traditions!

P. Jothilingam,


The Supreme Court expects the CBI to stand up to the government’s pulls and pressures like a rock. Unfortunately, its officials break into loose sand while Ministers and bureaucrats continue to do what they want with the agency.

R. Venkita Giri,


So many have spoken in favour of making the CBI an independent body but the UPA government is in no mood to listen. The Prime Minister has not uttered a word even while the scam stories are being discussed widely in the media. It is heartening and satisfying that the Supreme Court has finally asked the Attorney General to take instructions from the government and let it know whether a law can be enacted to insulate the CBI.

Sivaraman Sridharan,


Don’t the Supreme Court’s adverse pronouncements, even if they are in the form of observations, merit the government’s consideration and fixing of accountability? We have seen Ministers resigning on far lesser grounds.

Subhashis Roy,


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