Every society has its own line/level of tolerance, which if crossed hurts sentiments (March 11). Celebrating the victory of the Pakistani cricket team was not the real matter as it was more about hurting the sentiments of other students who were witness to the situation. The incident involving the Kashmiri students has shown that the nation-building process is still a work-in-progress.

Snehal Manjrekar,


What is it that the majority of Kashmiris want? Separation from India, or accession to Pakistan? Even if they claim that it is Pakistan that they want, they must remember that a mighty and roguish Pakistan will gobble them up. Look at Pakistan’s record in Balochistan and ‘Pakhtoonistan’.

R. Narasimhan,


If ties between India and Pakistan were warm, it would not be of any concern if some Indians were fans of the Pakistani cricket team. The reality is that Pakistan has a history of unleashing unprovoked violence against India. Those living in India and cheering for Pakistan are perhaps emotionally closer to Pakistan. As they are courageous enough to express this in public, they must realise that it is bound to inflame sentiments. The students should have been careful.

Ruchir Garg,

Meerut, U.P.


Cheering is no duty, jeering is no crimeMarch 11, 2014

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