Friday started on an alarming note for most Tamil Nadu residents. The rise in the cost of milk had me stumped. I decided to reduce the consumption of milk on my way home from the milk booth, and got ready to go to office. I gave the bus conductor Rs. 5, expecting the usual balance of Rs. 3. I was shocked when he told me that the bus fare had increased. I heard my fellow passengers complain. I consoled myself thinking it was a long time since the bus fares had been revised. Then came the news that shook me. Power tariff, I was told, was up too. I wonder why everything was done in a day. The AIADMK government could have addressed one thing at a time. It would have at least reduced the panic among people.

Meenakshi Chidambaram,


With the increase in milk price, the price of Aavin (cooperative milk producers' federation) milk has been brought almost on a par with milk supplied by private players. The government should streamline the production and distribution of Aavin milk. Many unscrupulous vendors sell it above the MRP printed on the packets. State-run buses need a revamp. New buses should be introduced. On the electricity front, the government should look into power theft and leakage in transmission, so that the tariff need not be increased every now and then.

R. Manthramurthy,


People voted for the AIADMK expecting it to protect people's interests. The sudden increase in bus fares, electricity tariff and milk prices — all in one score — soon after the local body elections is shocking. The increase will add to the sufferings of the common man. The government should reconsider its decision in view of the inflation.

Sravana Ramachandran,


The increase in the prices of milk, bus fare, and power tariff was long overdue. Governments have been postponing it as they lacked the political will and preferred to play safe. The ultimate sufferer is the common man as he has to bear the burden of the sudden overall price hike.

The government is expected to ensure adequate supply of toned milk, which is always in short supply, as it is in great demand among the poor. As regards the transport service, it is in a bad shape. The government should allow private players so as to ensure a healthy competition.

S.R. Badrinarayanan,


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