I am deeply disturbed by the Congress-led UPA government’s decision to grant statehood to Telangana. The hasty decision poses a serious threat to the federal structure of India. The leaders of Seemandhra are more concerned about their ministerial berths rather than the genuine problems people will face after bifurcation.

Statehood for Telangana is the result of various factors such as political blackmail, whipping up of emotions by political leaders and the Congress’ political calculations of its electoral prospects in the south.

Gandham Lakshmi,


The Telangana region was merged with the Seemandhra districts in 1956 with assurances of public employment, sharing of river water, development, etc. People belonging to Seemandhra violated the agreement. Time and again, the people of Telangana raised their voice against undue discrimination in higher education, public employment, sharing of river water, etc., but it was ignored.

Even during the height of the Telangana agitation, the people of Seemandhra did not express any regret.

By granting statehood to Telangana, the UPA government has demerged the State unconditionally and set it free from the conditions imposed at the time of the merger.

Krishna Tingrikar,


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