This refers to the interview with the outgoing Chief Justice of India, P. Sathasivam (‘“Judicial overreach should be avoided’,” April 25). The judiciary must clear the backlog of cases as “justice delayed is justice denied.”

Every court should also devise a mechanism to sensitise judges on gender issues and have a committee that will handle cases of sexual harassment. The time has also come to have a fixed tenure, maybe three years, for the post of the Chief Justice of India so that there is continuity at the topmost level of the judiciary.

D.B.N. Murthy,


India is undergoing a phase of transformation with the call for change visible in all spheres be it politics, the economy and even voting. This change is a result of the growing empowerment of citizens who are ready to fight for their rights. Today, they want transparency and accountability in all spheres of public life. Demanding the appointment of the meritorious in a transparent manner as the guardians of the law is our right. It is the duty of our lawmakers to debate on this fruitfully, taking into account public opinion.

Athira Jayaprakash E.,


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