The article “Overcome by a sense of betrayal” (Jan. 15) provides an insight into the crumbling law and order situation and the increasing inequities between those who can get anything done in our country and the large majority which is a victim of democracy. I appreciate the popular anger over the horrendous rape and killing of Nirbhaya (not her real name). But most of those who took to the streets appeared to be ‘haves’ who are closer to the ruling class. They rise in anger only when anyone from among them is victimised. Although Nirbhaya was not like them, she became a symbol and rightly so. The electronic media (haves again) covered the protests widely. Farmers’ suicides and millions of poor going to bed on an empty stomach every day are worthy of neither news nor outrage.

A.D. Vasudorairaj,


The truth is democracy is no longer practised in India. The system adopted by our government is similar to a dictatorship with young girls being harassed for voicing their opinions on a social networking site. Democracy, if followed quintessentially, will itself provide solutions to our problems.

Saurabh Sharma,



Overcome by a sense of betrayalJanuary 15, 2013

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