The editorial “Work in progress” (May 7) has put the recent incursion of Chinese troops in Ladakh in proper perspective. It would indeed be unwise to play into the hands of the U.S. Diplomatic efforts should be made to resolve the boundary dispute.

The Opposition should place the nation’s interest above everything else. It should refrain from whipping up frenzy. This is not to say that people should not react to such issues emotionally. But the reaction should be tempered with practical considerations. The need of the hour is to settle the Line of Actual Control.

Gnana. Surabhi Mani,


According to a study, China has settled 17 of its 23 territorial disputes and has offered compromises in most of them. Instances such as the incursion in Ladakh will keep happening for one reason or the other. India must work on the important aspects of the bilateral equation, rather than overreact to transient symptoms.

R. Narayanan,


The assertion that India has gained a diplomatic victory in the Ladakh standoff is baffling. First, China intrudes 19 km into a territory India claims its own. After protracted posturing by both sides, how is the issue resolved? Both the armies decide to back off from their respective positions. If the territory where the incursion took place belongs to India, why did our soldiers agree to back off? Isn’t it an indirect admission by us to China and the world that the territory concerned is disputed, with no clear demarcation of borders?

Subhashis Roy,


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