The Srikrishna Committee report on Telangana has considered six options on handling the demand for the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Of them, the first three are not acceptable to the committee itself while the other three have no takers. The report appears to be an academic research as it offers no practical solution.

The bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh is a delicate subject which cannot be resolved easily. The only solution is to appoint a Second States Reorganisation Commission to study the demands of various States for bifurcation or trifurcation. Till such time, Andhra Pradesh should maintain the status quo.

K.M. Lakshmana Rao,


The Committee has examined the issue in detail. It has presented its findings, possible options, suggestions, and solutions after taking all aspects into consideration. We should agree to review the Gentlemen's agreement and implement guarantees given to the people of the Telangana region.

The political leaders of Andhra Pradesh should study the report without any bias and arrive at a consensus in the best interest of the people. After that, the Centre should take an appropriate decision in favour of good governance and equal participation.

Shaik. Rafeeq Ahamed,


The Srikrishna Committee has done a commendable job. Leaders of all political parties should study the report and educate the people on the recommendations. Development is more important than sentiments. Students should not allow themselves to be misguided by politicians.

R. Pratap Narayan,


The Srikrishna report is unlikely to find favour with the political parties of Andhra Pradesh. But the Centre should take firm and appropriate steps immediately. Agitations, mob violence on college campuses and intimidation of public officials should be strongly dealt with by the police. Any mishandling of the situation in the State will send wrong signals not only to the people of Andhra Pradesh but also to the people of other States making similar demands. The best possible solution is to keep Andhra Pradesh united and provide constitutional guarantees to the people of the Telangana region.

Suresh Nandigam,

Hanuman Junction

Utmost restraint is the need of the hour. The people of Andhra Pradesh, particularly students, should not be carried away by politicians. Potti Sriramulu made the supreme sacrifice in 1952 for the cause of the Telugu people. But the divide and rule policy of the present-day politicians has led to the Telugu people of different regions fighting one another for the disintegration of Andhra Pradesh. The creation of smaller States will benefit only politicians and bureaucrats, not the common man.

E. Krishnan,


If there is one issue on which the UPA government has made a mess, it is the demand for a separate state of Telangana. By hastily accepting the demand in principle, it showed immaturity. It was an emotive issue that needed a lot of deliberations, particularly on the vexed issue of Hyderabad. The Srikrishna report has compounded the situation by suggesting multiple options — something unheard of in committee recommendations.

V.N. Ramachandran,


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