Just when cricket was attaining a semblance of stability and raising a toast to IPL, another “fixing storm” has upset the apple cart. The sting operation responsible for bringing to light the alleged existence of spot fixing and other unwanted anomalies in the game has definitely opened a can of worms. The BCCI has gone into overdrive to contain the damage by suspending five players and ordering an inquiry. Given the high stakes and big money involved, the IPL has all the trappings to attract malevolent elements. It is disheartening to see youngsters fall prey to the lure of quick money at the expense of their career.

Pradyut Hande,


It is shocking to see cricket in the shadow of murky deals yet again. The game will lose its credibility by such shameful acts. More shocking is the fact that the alleged fixing took place in IPL, which is rich and pays all players handsomely.

M. Ambili,


Instead of using IPL as a platform to nurture themselves, the five cricketers, if the allegations are true, have used it to add a few zeroes to their account. All those who conspire to mar the beauty of the game should be punished.

Rajendra Thakur,


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