This refers to China’s 60th birthday celebration of the People’s Republic. The country has made significant progress in every field — economic, military and social — in the last 60 years. It has achieved it despite being the most populated country with ethnic diversity and various other challenges. Western scholars often ridicule China and praise India but when it comes to real and substantial progress in key areas, we are far behind China. Whatever the system of governance, it must work efficiently and meet the people’s aspirations.

Nasir Ehsan,

New Delhi


In the last six decades, China has progressed by leaps and bounds. Though India has also been progressing economically and militarily, it is stymied by frequent strikes, and protests which obstruct growth. Our system needs discipline, strictness and other virtues which will help productivity. China is a major world player. It is time we took a leaf out of its book.

R. Sridharan,


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