This refers to Krithiga Balasubramanian's article on giving women their space (Open Page, Aug. 29). Today, a woman is far more accomplished and courageous than women of the previous generations were. If she is harassed by a man on the road, she must attack by sprinkling chilli powder on him or by inflicting injuries. She should carry chilli powder with her all the time as a protective device. Such acts are similar to police personnel firing in self-defence. After temporarily immobilising the man, the woman should call the nearest police station. Thus it is women who need to change their mindset and treat men as ordinary fellow humans.

K. Somasundaram,


The letters that appeared on Thursday on the topic seem to have been written in an emotional fit. I am unable to understand how requesting a woman to wear decent clothes can be an example of patriarchy. Today, if women are exploited and used as sex objects it is because they have allowed themselves to be brainwashed in the name of liberty. Why do we need a woman to promote a car, razor or a laptop? A woman cannot keep the door of her house unlocked and then complain that it is being robbed. Resistance to modest clothing by women would amount to replacing male chauvinism with the female version of it.

Indira Kannan,


Many women think only if they dress like men they will be considered equal to them, which is wrong. Has any woman lost an employment opportunity because she attended the interview in a traditional Indian dress? It is not our dress that gives us success. It is what we do and what we achieve that matters. A dress code is equally applicable to men. Before telling women what to do, men should set an example by following a decent dress code.

V. Anand Kumar,


While some women, clad in a salwar kameez or sari, ask for trouble through their irresponsible behaviour, the fact is most men who pass lewd remarks against women are pampered parasites who view women as sex objects. They deserve the harshest of penalties. They are noxious vermin infesting our cities and towns.

P.R. Krishna Narayanan,


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