The remark made by the Congress president and UPA chairperson, Sonia Gandhi (Aug. 25), that the UPA will win for a third time, in 2014, can only be construed as customary political rhetoric. The statement has to be viewed in the backdrop of recent remarks made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that “the rising expectations of people make them impatient with the speed at which we can deliver results. People today resent apathy, sloth and corruption in any form and at any level of government more than ever before.”

Ms Gandhi needs to remember that it is the aam aadmi which will decide things. Also, terming the by-election results in Mandya and Bangalore rural as a morale booster for the Congress is exaggerated.

Ettirankandath Krishnadas,


Ms Gandhi seems to be well-versed with people’s indifference — to the nation’s ethics and its well-being other than their own. Such things must have given her the confidence to say this. We will get the government we deserve.

V.S. Ganeshan,


It was amusing to read the report. Has the Congress President forgotten that there is all-round anger as there is so much bad news on almost all fronts?

Karthick A.R.,



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