The editorial “A scam from the sky” (August 12) creates an impression that “openness and transparency” are the two great virtues of Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy. But his words and deeds in the last two months, as the solar panel scam unravelled, are proof enough of his being quite the opposite. It is not as if only Mr. Chandy’s personal assistants and security personnel are directly linked to the scam. Mr. Chandy’s role has not been investigated at all.

While a judicial inquiry is necessary, it should not confine itself to clearing the Chief Minister’s name in the scam. It should bring out the complete truth. For that to happen, Mr. Chandy should resign. A person’s outward ‘simplicity’ means nothing. When Mr. Chandy insists on clinging to his chair, people feel he is hiding a lot.

P.R.V. Raja,


The worst part of the solar panel scam is Mr. Chandy’s use of the State machinery to suppress criticism against him, particularly the democratic protests spearheaded by the Left Democratic Front. If he does not order a judicial inquiry soon, his fall will become imminent.

Salini Johnson,


The solar scam has not caused any loss to the State exchequer. The accused have utilised the lure of some millionaires to make huge profits under the government’s banner. How can the Chief Minister be held responsible for this? When the State is facing other serious problems like malnutrition, the LDF protest disrupting public life is condemnable.

B. Priyanka,


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