For several decades, slums have constituted an integral part of not only Mumbai but other cities too (editorial, June 11). The difference is that what happens in Mumbai gets highlighted while those in other cities are ignored.

It is ironic that the Maharashtra government can pool funds to build prestigious projects without sparing a thought for improving the standards of slum-dwellers. Out of the box solutions must be thought of. Can a margin of profits to the BCCI be earmarked for slum development?

Balasubramaniam Pavani,


As the limitations of the State machinery stand exposed, the time is ripe to go in for joint ventures with private builders, subject to the condition that there will be transparency. Slum rehabilitation work in India's commercial capital should become the model for the rest of the country.

K.D. Viswanaathan,



Mess in the slum capitalJune 11, 2012

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