This refers to the editorial “Slip sliding away” (Nov. 14). There is an urgent need to conserve the fragile and vulnerable ecosystem of the hilly regions of the country. This calls for more sensitivity to local needs and resource endowments. Rapid commercialisation and the unsustainable consumption of natural resources need to be checked. The local people should be roped in to develop these regions in a sustainable and equitable manner. There is also a need for an integrated, holistic framework to conserve our valuable ecosystems and promote eco-tourism.

Y.N. Harish,


Although the world accepts the concept of preserving the ecosystem for the survival of mankind, the idea fails when it comes to implementation due to several reasons, the most prominent being population pressure and the callous attitude. We all have a duty to maintain the ecosystem, setting aside our interests.

C. Petson Peter,


The lack of plains has driven the residents of the Nilgiris to build houses on the slopes, sometimes on precarious slopes, at the risk of destruction due to landslips. The Ketti valley and village are typical examples. Japan has innovated and taken measures to save its citizens from the wrath of earthquakes and volcanoes. There is need to look for greater expertise to protect the houses on the slopes of the Nilgiris.

A. Ranganathan,


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