The report that a nine-year-old Russian girl was sexually assaulted in Goa is shocking. Goan beaches seem to be vulnerable to such anti-social activities. This is the second such incident in two months. Such crimes will lower our country’s image. They will put off tourists visiting India. Police should be deployed in plainclothes and vigil increased in tourist spots.

A. Ranganathan,


I can understand Russia’s outrage at the incident. How can India, which boasts of a rich culture and values, afford to let something like this happen? I condemn all those who treat tourists — our guests — in such a deplorable manner. I am also ashamed of the police who are unable to prevent crimes against women from recurring. The rape of the nine-year-old will have a huge negative impact on the nation’s pride and the tourism industry.

Sugandha Jaiswal,


Crimes against women are taking place with increasing frequency in Goa. What is equally distressing is that foreigners are being targeted. When we cry hoarse over the attacks on Indians in Australia, which are undoubtedly grave, should we also not take care to keep India’s global tourism slogan of “athithi devo bhava” untarnished?

Kamolini Ghosh,


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