The news of the murder of two abducted children in Coimbatore is most shocking. Murder owing to political rivalry and personal enmity, and abduction of children for money, are on the increase. Offenders have no fear of the law or punishment. In most cases, they surrender directly to the magistrate. Many escape from the clutches of law because of the long judicial process. It may be worthwhile to remember that in Islamic countries, where deterrent punishment is awarded to criminals, the crime rate is lower.

Even if we cannot follow their laws, the courts can award the most deterrent punishment for such gruesome crimes, which will have a telling effect on the offenders.

C.A.C. Murugappan,


Children are defenceless against pervert maniacs. The young girl who was sexually assaulted would not even have known the danger she faced. The criminals should be tried by a fast track court. They deserve nothing less than the death penalty. Those who argue against capital punishment should spare a thought for the parents of the children and the pain, fear and helplessness the young buds must have faced before they were crushed.

R. Karpagam,


The advice “children should be exhorted not to trust anyone” (Letters, Nov. 2) brings to mind an apocryphal story. A man once stood his son on a high compound wall and asked him to jump into his “trustworthy' arms. The boy jumped and the father withdrew his arms. Before the boy started mewling, he said: “Don't trust anyone, not even your father.”

Easaw Joseph John,


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